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Technology and Screen-Time

Technology and Screen-Time

Nisha S. Sanghvi, OTR/L

Technology and digital-based media is everywhere, and it is a necessary part of our lives. It is crucial for our children to know how to use technology and digital-based media in a healthy and balanced way as their brains and bodies are developing. It is important to ensure our children are getting the physical movement, adequate sleep, and nutrition that their bodies need. Technology and digital-based media should not be the focus of an activity or replace relationships. Children need connection and interaction with others. Technology and digital-based media spark interest, and that is when joint engagement and co-viewing can have endless possibilities for our children. Technology and digital-based media are tools that should be used to enhance the learning process and allow for creativity to prepare students for the future. The role of media mentors in our communities is crucial and necessary to help support our caregivers and educators in how to model technology and digital-based media. We must identify how to appropriately evaluate apps, gaming options, products, and programs on the market to support the development of children.Participants will learn the different types of technology and digital-based media our children are exposed to and expected to use, review current statics and guidelines, learn the "C"s of technology, identify ways to support play and learning experiences with technology and digital-based media. Attendees will review how to promote healthy engagemen...

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