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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Update

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Update

Catherine Lewan, PT, DPT

Most people will develop symptoms of pelvic floor, bowel, or bladder dysfunction during their lifetime. It is likely that many of your current patients are in need of pelvic rehab and would see meaningful improvement with your assistance... even if you are not a pelvic health specialist. This course updates the clinician's toolbox to include external strategies to improve outcomes in bladder urgency, urge incontinence, frequency of micturition, and constipation for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. Evidence-informed use of neuromodulatory e-stim will be explored, including transcutaneous strategies (TENS) and Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS.) Participants will be able to implement evidence-based strategies to improve bowel and bladder function in a variety of settings to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.Highlights Update your clinical toolbox beyond Kegels to improve urinary urgency, frequency, and constipation in your patient population Neuromodulation techniques to improve functional outcomes for patients of all ages with bowel and bladder symptoms

Online Course

Includes all course content in digital format

Prerequisites Required
2 hours - Provided by Summit Professional Education