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A Rehab Professional's Guide to Pharmacology

A Rehab Professional's Guide to Pharmacology

Chad Hensel, PT, DPT, MHS, CSCS

While pharmacology is a critical component in the medical model of patient management, it is also one of the weakest areas of learning in most education programs for rehabilitation professionals. Thus, rehab specialists, unfortunately, often do not have the necessary background knowledge to understand and compensate for the ways that different medications may be negatively affecting their clients' outcomes. Despite this, they are frequently asked to document and report on their patient's medications!This essential one-day workshop will increase attendees' comfort level with working around medication effects by presenting key information on pharmacology. Lab time will include review of drug commercial effectiveness and medical chart reviews. This course will cover the more popular and commonly encountered pharmacologics in rehab settings, including pain and cardiac medications, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and antibiotics as well as vitamin and mineral supplements in relation to this topic. Side effects that can affect rehabilitation through altered coordination, balance, cognition and swallowing will be specifically discussed, along with drug interaction risks. In addition, all attendees will receive a practical, quick-reference handout on pharmacology specifically developed for rehabilitation professionals. After completing this course, attendees will see improved results in their daily practice through their recognition of patients' medication effects and ready kno...

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6 hours - Provided by Summit Professional Education