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Seeking Improved Therapy Outcomes with Music

Seeking Improved Therapy Outcomes with Music

Lisa Young Milliken, MA, CCC-SLP, FNAP, CDP, RAC- CT

Significant research has been devoted to determining the physiological, emotional, cognitive and psychological effects of music in a clinical setting. The application of such research has been found to be most effective for supporting improved outcomes with a variety of clients enrolled in physical, occupational and speech language pathology therapy sessions. The resulting functional effects may often be quite remarkable and contribute significantly to helping each client achieve his or her therapeutic goals.This course shares a snapshot of such research when applied to therapeutic skilled interventions. Specifically, topics addressed will include the effects of music when added to interventions for clients with cardiovascular disease, stress induced diseases, mild cognitive impairments, Alzheimer's Disease, psychotic diagnoses, Parkinson's Disease, Aphasia, Epilepsy and other conditions such as post-surgical pain and unilateral neglect.HighlightsImprove clinical outcomes for clients with a variety of disorders by incorporating the correct musical strategies to treatment sessionsApply evidence and rationales of specific music tempos to target the correct clinical functionEffectively treat patients with Parkinson's disease and engage them in treatment sessions

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2 hours - Provided by Summit Professional Education