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Cognitive Treatments for Adults

Cognitive Treatments for Adults

Lisa Young Milliken, MA, CCC-SLP, FNAP, CDP, RAC- CT

As therapists, we are often asked to provide skilled cognitive interventions for clients with a range of diagnoses. Addressing these deficits are critical as they impact multiple areas of function, to include communication, safety strategies, activities of daily living and the overall ability to achieve optimal functional independence. This course was developed to assist rehab professionals with evidence-based interventions to achieve the desired outcomes for a range of cognitive deficits. These strength- based approaches are designed to be practical to include both rehabilitative and compensatory strategies when teaching clients in the areas of different levels of memory, executive function, attention, verbal recall, judgement, and problem solving.Highlights Strategies for implicit vs. explicit memory & learning concepts Dual task training for improved cognitive and motor outcomes Effective cognitive treatment techniques for clients with a variety of disease processes and comorbidities Implement goal writing and objective documentation strategies

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Prerequisites Required
2 hours - Provided by Summit Professional Education